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Z Multi-Factor Authentication

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Allow a user to perform MFA compound authentication specifying only the security manager credential with a Radius server that pushes an authentication request to a user device.

Currently MFA requires a credential value that contains a “dummy” MFA portion to cause the Radius server to push an authentication request to the user device. Having the push request generated without explicitly having to specify the dummy MFA por...
16 days ago in Z Multi-Factor Authentication 0 Future consideration

Add the Information about PassTicket usage of MFA provisioned users in RACROUTE REQ=VERIFY exit parameter-list

We have currently no information in RACROUTE REQ=VERIFY exit if an MFA user with factor AZFPTKT1 has used a PassTicket. I expect RIXPTAUT, which indicates that the user is being authenticated by a PassTicket is useful, but RIXPTAUT is in this case...
6 months ago in Z Multi-Factor Authentication 0 Future consideration

Allow Passticket Authentication for MFA Enabled ID through Session Manager

A user has multiple userids assigned, to allow them to have multiple TSO sessions active on a single system using a session manager. Without MFA the primary userid is used to logon to the session manager and multiple userids can be logged on to TS...
6 months ago in Z Multi-Factor Authentication 0 Future consideration

Out-of-band web page to present different messages for "PASSWORD NOT AUTHORIZED FOR USERID" and "LOGON REJECTED, RACF® TEMPORARILY REVOKING USER ACCESS" scenarios.

When a non-MFA enabled user tries to login on TSO, 1. If the user enters a wrong RACF password, the user will get message, "IKJ56421I PASSWORD NOT AUTHORIZED FOR USERID" 2. If the user id is revoked, the user will get message, "IKJ56425I LOGON RE...
8 months ago in Z Multi-Factor Authentication 0 Future consideration

Out-of-band Webpage to display RACF Password expiry warning (Similar to 'ICH70002I YOUR PASSWORD WILL EXPIRE IN nnn DAYS' message in TSO)

IBM Z Multi-Factor Authentication V2.1 Authentication factors: Generic RADIUS (AZFRADP1) & Password (AZFPASS1) Out-of-band Authentication RACF option PASSWORD(WARNING) is enabled. When a non-MFA enabled user successfully logs in to TSO, the ...
9 months ago in Z Multi-Factor Authentication 0 Future consideration

Resolve MFA factor server names more frequently than the current once on start-up

Currently the MFA started task only queries DNS once at start-up and stores the IP address returned for all future connections until the task is recycled. We believe the task should resolve the hostname specified in the factor configuration more f...
almost 2 years ago in Z Multi-Factor Authentication 0 Planned for future release

IBM MFA - Add PUSH functionality to IBM Z MFA

We really appreciate that you made OTP-validation on the mainframe possible via IBM TouchToken-factor using mobile-APP : IBM Security Verify.Our users do miss the possibility of PUSH-OTP.This feature that IBM Z MFA is able to perform PUSH, is the ...
almost 2 years ago in Z Multi-Factor Authentication 1 Not under consideration

Improve problem detection and system responses that allows procedures to respond timely to problems

a) the STCs must internally check in intervalls for misconfiguration and/or error-situations like:- the web-components for STC AZF#IN01 are not available (e.g. because they are not mounted or accidently deleted or moved*) -> this would cause at...
about 2 years ago in Z Multi-Factor Authentication 0 Future consideration

Allow product configuration to be queried

This is for the z/VM flavor, but that is not a choice here. We need to be able to query the product's configuration via command line, api, or anything programatically.
about 2 years ago in Z Multi-Factor Authentication 0 Future consideration

Inbound Authentication Should not require Additional Extraneous Characters for Processing

MFA processing should go through the factors allowed to the user to determine based upon input what is appropriate.
about 2 years ago in Z Multi-Factor Authentication 1 Not under consideration